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Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my digital photo to you?

You can simply upload the picture when you select your product, by clicking on the "Upload" button. A window will open click browse and chose an image from your computer to upload, is the same process when you uploading a picture to email.

What is Crystal Laser Gift?

You are uploading an image of a loved one, pet, special occasion or any object near and dear to you. With our state of the art software program, we convert your photo into a finely detailed 3-D image. Using cutting edge laser technology, we then etch this image into a finely detailed optical crystal.

Can you remove people, dates or other items out of photo?

Yes, this service is considered photo Restoration and is available at no additional cost. (Please let us know the exact location of the person or image you want to delete in the comments window).

Can you remove creases, cracks or otherwise restore old photos?

Yes, this service is considered photo major Restoration and is available at no additional cost.

What can be made with Crystal Laser Gift?

Almost anything! Each custom made is designed with the images the customer chooses. Any type of photograph, corporate logo, business card or any other object can be captured by our innovative laser process, ensuring each Crystal is a unique, "one of a kind".

Can I order more than one item at a time, each with a different photo or image?

Yes, you can Upload your first picture and select the shape, size, font and text you want and then click on add to cart. If you want to keep on shopping, go back to occasions and start the process again.

Can you add text to the Crystal?

Yes of course, add a name, dates or any other text and we will laser it inside the crystal.

How long does it take?

We always try to process your requests as quickly as possible. Orders are normally dispatched within 5-7 business days.

How is my Crystal Laser Gift packed?

Each piece is packed in an elegant black or orange cushioned box which will protect and preserve your crystal until it reaches you.

Will the image vanish inside the crystal or will it change color?

The image stays the same in its brilliance and appearance. It will not turn yellow or change its look. The picture stays in the crystal for eternity. Except, if you should heat it over 500į.

Can you rush orders?

We process RUSH orders (3 business days production) based on product availability and the complexity of the project. A rush fee of $50.00 may be applicable to rush orders. Please contact us to get lead time quotes for rush orders.

What kind of format can I send my photos?

We can accept almost any digital image format: JPG, Tiff, BMP, etc. we do not recommend GIF format because they are typically very small files and do not produce good results.

How should I display my crystal so it shows up best?

The answer to this question is to place your crystal where light can come in directly or at an angle behind the crystal, such as a side table under a lamp.
We strongly recommend placing your crystal on top of one of our led light bases, this way your image will show strongly, you can place it anywhere you like, and it will also show at night.

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